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“I’ve been using all kind of bone graft materials from xenografts to allografts even block grafts but all these techniques had their shortfalls. When I discovered ethoss®, the safest biomaterial that I have used so far, my implant practice totally changed. No more stress during surgeries, no more risk of infection, no more pain for our patients, no more swelling. The results are fantastic and predictable and I would recommend it to anyone who believes in the KISS principle, ethoss® will literally change their professional life.”Alaa Khadiri, DDS, NEW YORK UNIVERSITY
“ethoss® is a new development in implant bio materials – with its easy handling and setting properties, it’s an absolute must for any implant dentist – the results are both quick and efficient in development of new bone in ridge deficiencies reducing overall surgical time and patient morbidity – an excellent material which I highly recommendDr Avik Dandapat, LONDON
“I have been using grafting materials for over 18 years and ethoss® is the first material to give predictable results. It is astonishing how ethoss® can be remodeled in a short period of 12 weeks into bone independent from the age of the patient. It is the first material that I can recommend to my colleagues without doubtsDr. Med. Dent M. Bras da Silva, GERMANY